The Ultimate List of Social Media Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Real discuss: With all of the social media acronyms getting used proper now, it may be exhausting to know what’s happening. For anybody not within the know, they’re mainly a special language.

But in case your model is utilizing social media for enterprise, correctly utilizing social media acronyms and social media abbreviations is likely to be half of an efficient social technique. In reality, it’s one of the numerous social media traits your model will wish to perceive.

So don’t fear in the event you thought YOLO was a frozen dessert. Or GOAT was actually, effectively, only a goat.

To enable you to crack the social media acronym code, we’ve collected the highest social media acronyms, initialisms, and abbreviations each marketer ought to know. They’re damaged into 5 classes:

Network particular abbreviations
Business particular social media acronyms and abbreviations
Technical acronyms and abbreviations used on social media
Gen Z social media acronyms and abbreviations
Social media acronyms for feelings

Okay — it’s time to degree up your social vocabulary RN (proper now).

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Network particular abbreviations

FB: Facebook
G+: Google +
IG: Instagram
LI: LinkedIn
TW: Twitter
YT: YouTube

DM: Direct Message

This is a non-public kind of communication, seen solely between the sender and the recipient. On Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, customers can “slide into” somebody’s DMs by sending a non-public message.

MT: Modified Tweet

Tweets that start with MT point out that the Tweeter has edited the content material they’re retweeting for brevity or different causes. This can also be known as a Quote Tweet.

PM: Private Message

Private messages are the identical as direct messages. If somebody asks you to PM them, they’re basically asking to maneuver a public dialog into the non-public realm.

PRT: Partial Retweet

This is similar to a RT, however is used to point out that you just’re solely quoting half of what the opposite Twitter person mentioned initially. Maybe you’re condensing to save lots of house to your personal commentary, for instance.

RT: Retweet

Instead of hitting the retweet button, or retweeting with a remark, some Twitter customers repost a tweet and use “RT” plus the person’s deal with for attribution.

Popular social media acronyms and abbreviations

AFAIK: As Far As I Know

Used when sharing details or stating one thing that you just consider to be true, however typing AFAIK exhibits that you just aren’t fully positive. You’re not sure and aren’t an professional, in any case.

AFAIK, folks aren’t introverts by delivery. So, fellow introverts of reddit, what occasion/chain of occasions led you to turn into who you’re proper now? from AskReddit

AMA: Ask Me Anything

AMAs are social question-and-answer classes. Companies, influencers and model representatives may host AMAs on Twitter, Reddit, or in a Facebook or Instagram reside stream.

BRB: Be Right Back

This is one of the unique social media abbreviations, first used within the late 1980s or early 1990s. It’s from the chat discussion board period, however finds its approach again on social when the fitting event requires it.

Brb simply packing our baggage 🤩

— Metro (@MetroUK) December 16, 2020

BTS: Behind the Scenes

Nope, not the Korean boy band named TIME’s 2020 Entertainer of the Year. This abbreviation is used to supply followers a behind-the-scenes have a look at your model.

BTW: By The Way

This social media acronym is used so as to add further data, go on a tangent, or throw some shade.

CMV: Change My View

You’re sharing an opinion, however are conscious that your opinion is likely to be flawed. You’re open to having a civil dialog. In reality, there’s a whole subreddit devoted to CMV discussions.

DYK: Did You Know

Did you recognize the DYK abbreviation is a good way to share a enjoyable reality along with your social media viewers? Write in your social media caption or embody it as a hashtag.

ELI5: Explain It To Me Like I’m Five

This social media abbreviation is in style on Reddit, and is a solution to introduce that you just’re explaining one thing complicated in a easy approach.

ELI5: Why does it really feel colder inside within the winter though the thermostat says the temperature is similar? from explainlikeimfive

FBF: Flashback Friday

A solution to throw it again to the previous on a Friday.

#fbf to regardless of the hell was happening right here

— Topher Grace (@TopherGrace) December 11, 2020

FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out

If you haven’t heard of FOMO, you’ve been lacking out. This social-bred phobia expresses the nervousness of absence. For the homebodies there’s the antonym acronym JOMO, which suggests Joy of Missing Out.

Cake FOMO is actual, which is why we suggest ordering the entire cake. Check to see which complete truffles come in several sizes, excellent for any event. 😉

Posted by The Cheesecake Factory on Thursday, December three, 2020

FTW: For The Win

A typically honest, typically sarcastic, typically full-of-genuine-excitement acclamation. (And on the opposite facet of the coin, FTL means for the loss.)

🚨 KYLE GUY FTW 🚨#NBAPreseason

— NBA TV (@NBATV) December 16, 2020

FWIW: For What It’s Worth

This social media acronym is usually used to precise one’s opinion, however in a approach that isn’t impolite or overbearing. It exhibits you’re not deliberately making an attempt to name somebody out in the event that they share one thing you don’t assume is appropriate. You’ll most frequently discover this on Twitter or message boards.

FWIW, you should never use “Facts don’t care about your feelings” — even in the event you’re a US Senator — if you cannot reply the query “Who lost the 2020 presidential race?” with out a lot of stammering, mumbling or “Squirrel!”

— Jonah Goldberg (@JonahDispatch) December 15, 2020

FYI: For Your Information

This social media acronym is an informative abbreviation, typically delivered with a touch of sass.

“I’m a big girl who did a smoothie detox. Every big girl should do whatever they want with their bodies.” Lizzo responded to critics that say she’s selling “diet culture” along with her smoothie cleanse. FYI, she’s doing what SHE needs.

— InFashion (@InFashion) December 15, 2020

H/T: Hat Tip

Sometimes simply HT, a hat tip is a digital nod that credit an authentic supply for intel or a picture. It may also stand for heard by way of.

ICYMI: In Case You Missed It

A solution to spotlight content material or information which may have been missed within the eternal blitz that’s social media.

IMO/IMHO: In My Opinion / In My Humble Opinion

A disclaimer that somebody is sharing their opinion, not details, about one thing. Opinions are divided on whether or not the H stands for humble or trustworthy.

Tesla’s inventory worth is just too excessive IMO from wallstreetbets

IRL: In Real Life

IRL is used to differentiate when one thing occurs in actuality, not on social media, in video games or anyplace else on the web.

Are you watching the #SuperBlueBloodMoon #IRL or reside on-line? It’s taking place now, so don’t miss it! Earth will proceed to dam the Sun’s gentle, casting a reddish hue onto the Moon till round 9:07am ET/6:07am PT. Take a glance:

— NASA (@NASA) January 31, 2018

LMK: Let Me Know

When somebody makes use of this social media abbreviation, they’re ready for suggestions or data.

Made my first home moc right now! It’s a seashore home, lmk what you assume from lego

NBD: No Big Deal

Often used as a humble brag for one thing that’s truly a giant deal for the author of the social publish.

NBD! simply picked up a scott foil 20(2021). delayed because of the pandemic so the maiden experience shall be on a coach. from bicycling

NSFW: Not Safe For Work

This one is actually not protected for work. Think twice earlier than utilizing it — and sharing any NSFW content material — on a company account.

OC: Original Content

Another approach of displaying that you’re sharing your individual content material, not another person’s concepts or phrases. Basically the alternative of RT. For instance, sharing a photograph over Twitter that you just took could be OC. Sharing another person’s picture wouldn’t.

WFH: Working From Home

Probably the social media acronym of 2020. Often utilized in on-line chats with colleagues, however this may be helpful for social media as effectively.

SMH: Shaking My Head

For the occasions when it’s crucial folks know that you just’re unimpressed or incredulous, and fairly presumably, actually shaking your head behind that display.

TBH: To Be Honest

Much like IMO, this social media abbreviation is used as a humble flex, to share an opinion or present you agree or disagree with one thing.

Fair sufficient tbh

Posted by Cosmopolitan UK on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

TBT: Throwback Thursday

Like FBF, that is one other social media-designated day of nostalgia.

#tbt I’m one fortunate man 😍

Posted by Joe Montana on Thursday, November 19, 2020

TFTF: Thanks For The Follow

Twitter slang. This social media abbreviation is a solution to work together in a optimistic approach with somebody who lately began following you on social.

TFW: That Feeling When

Precedes an typically relatable expertise, and is often accompanied by a meme.

TGIF: Thank God It’s Friday

Because all people’s working for the weekend.

2021 is already an enormous enchancment over 2020, with TGIF favourite #Dinosaurs headed to @disneyplus:

— Collider (@Collider) December 15, 2020

TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read

Usually used to supply a pithy abstract on one thing too prolonged for Internet consideration spans. Or it’s the abstract typed out earlier than or after the lengthy clarification, variety of just like the Coles Notes model of a social media caption.

TLDR: I went out for a 100 miler and earned 65 TRAIL miles with a PR for time on my ft! 🏃🏼‍♀️💪🏼 My motto for 2020…

Posted by Stephanie Stonebraker on Sunday, December 6, 2020

WBW: Wayback Wednesday

Wayback Wednesday takes a visit down reminiscence lane on hump day.

WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday

A day of the week to rejoice a self-identifying lady, often on Instagram, for no matter purpose! (There’s additionally MCM: Man Crush Monday.) WCW can be utilized in a caption or as a hashtag.

Business particular social media acronyms

social media acronyms

B2B: Business To Business

Shorthand for an organization with business-facing priorities.

B2C: Business To Consumer

Describes an organization that gives services or products on to prospects.

CMGR: Community Manager

Community managers domesticate a model’s relationships on social media. Not to be confused with social media managers, group managers have interaction and nurture the corporate’s group.

CTA: Call To Action

A call-to-action is a verbal, written, or visible immediate. It affords folks a directive on what to do subsequent, whether or not that’s “Sign up,” “Subscribe,” or “Call us today.”

Resource: Here’s write an efficient CTA.

EOD: End Of Day

Usually to point out a deadline. For instance, “Please get this report back to me by EOD Monday.”

EM – Email Me

There’s no have to schedule one other Zoom assembly. This may be discovered in writing.

ETA: Estimated Time Of Arrival

The abbreviation used when guessing when a deliverable is due. For instance, “What’s the ETA on that article we’re waiting on?”

F2F: Face To Face

Not precisely used lots in the course of the pandemic, however this abbreviation is used when wanting to rearrange an in-person assembly. For instance, “Rather than another Zoom meeting, let’s schedule something F2F.”

IAM: In a Meeting

An abbreviation to point out that now just isn’t the perfect time for a cellphone name or an limitless barrage of textual content messages. You’re busy, and very most likely with a consumer.

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

A key efficiency indicator is a broad measurement that tracks how successfully an organization is carrying out its objectives.

Resource: These are the KPIs to trace so as to measure your model’s success.

MoM: Month Over Month

Used to point out development or quantitative adjustments taking place every 4 weeks. Commonly used for adjustments in income, lively customers, web page views or signal ups. There’s additionally YoY: Year over Year. This measures the identical quantitative metrics, however evaluating information over 12 months as an alternative of four weeks.

Out of Office

Usually included in an automatic electronic mail, scheduled to be despatched when somebody is aware of they are going to be away from the workplace on vacation, travelling for work, or in an prolonged workshop. For instance, “I will try to get back to you by Monday as I will be OOO for the next three days on vacation.”

P/E: Price to Earnings

A ratio or metric typically utilized by traders and enterprise analysts to find out the worth of an organization.

ROI: Return On Investment

ROI measures how a lot revenue is delivered for given company initiatives. ROI is one of the commonest methods companies assess the success of campaigns and ventures.

Resource: Learn observe and enhance your social media ROI.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Search engine advertising and marketing is a technique of promoting on the Internet. It includes buying adverts on engines like google to extend web site visitors.

website positioning: Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization goals to enhance natural search engine outcomes and enhance the visibility of content material on the net.

Resource: Does social media influence website positioning? We let you recognize right here.

SERP: Search Engine Results Page

These are the paid and natural web page outcomes which can be displayed by a search engine after a person performs a search.

SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely

A typical enterprise acronym utilized in goal-setting. It reminds the individual setting the objectives to create ones that may be tracked and truly achieved.

Resource: Here’s set SMART objectives to arrange your model for social media success.

SMB: Small and Midsize Businesses

Small companies are companies with lower than 50 staff. Midsize (or medium-sized) companies usually have lower than 250. They are also typically known as small and midsize enterprises (SMEs).

Resource: Is your model a small enterprise? Here are some ideas that can assist you along with your social media technique.

SMP: Social Media Platform

A social media abbreviation that’s typically used to seek advice from a specific social community.

SMM: Social Media Marketing

The observe of rising model consciousness and consideration on social media, with the target of constructing relationships and producing leads.

SMO: Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization ensures the use of the suitable platforms for model advertising and marketing. It’s similar to SMM.

SoLoMo: Social, Local, Mobile

Social, native, cell describes the convergence of cell and domestically focused social media advertising and marketing that’s grown in reputation because of geo-location expertise.

SRP: Social Relationship Platform

An SRP is a centralized platform that makes use of enterprise-grade expertise to permit firms to publish on a number of social media websites, in addition to monitor, average, and analyze.

Resource: If you’re searching for an instance of an SRP, look no additional. Hootsuite is a social relationship platform and right here’s use it.

TOS: Terms Of Service

Terms of service are the authorized guidelines customers comply with observe to make use of a social platform.

UGC: User-Generated Content

User-generated content material refers to any content material, together with posts, photographs, or movies, created by customers of a platform slightly than a model.

WOM: Word Of Mouth

Word-of-mouth advertising and marketing refers back to the viral passing of model dialog on-line by way of the lively encouragement of an organization.

Technical acronyms used on social media

social media acronyms

API: Application Programming Interface

An API is a set of instruments, definitions, and protocols that permits software program builders to backend one system with one other. For occasion, Google Maps has APIs accessible for internet browser and app integration in order that completely different firms can combine map expertise.

CMS: Content Management System

A content material administration system is a platform that hosts the creation and administration of digital content material. Popular content material administration techniques embody WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

CPC: Cost Per Click

Also generally known as ppc (PPC), this abbreviation refers back to the worth an advertiser pays for every click on earned on a marketing campaign.

CR: Conversion Rate

The conversion charge measures the proportion of individuals who have taken an motion in your marketing campaign reminiscent of views, registrations, downloads, purchases. Conversions are a key metric on the subject of calculating ROI.

CRO: Conversion Rate Optimization

Measures taken to enhance conversions.

CTR: Click-Through Rate

A click-through charge represents the proportion of individuals who click on on a hyperlink after being introduced with the choice.

CX: Customer Experience

Customer expertise refers back to the relationship a buyer has with an organization by way of numerous interactions and touchpoints. Mapping out the shopper journey is an efficient approach to make sure a buyer may have a great expertise along with your firm.

ESP: Email Service Provider

In easy phrases, an ESP is a third-party firm that gives electronic mail companies, reminiscent of publication deployment or advertising and marketing campaigns. Popular firms embody MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Drip.

FTP: File Transport Protocol

A approach of transferring information or copying information between computer systems. Often used for file switch between a server on a community and a consumer’s laptop. This is one of the best methods of transferring information — and additionally the oldest, because it was going down within the pre-internet period.

GA: Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics platform for web sites. It permits entrepreneurs to trace web site guests, referrals, bounce charges, and extra.

Resource: We inform you arrange Google Analytics and use it to trace your model’s social media success.

IM: Instant Messaging

Sending a typed message to another person’s laptop instantly. For instance, you possibly can ship an IM over Slack, Google’s Hangout Conversations or Skype chat.

OS: Operating System

The software program that runs a pc, pill or smartphone. For instance, once you get a notification in your iPhone to replace to 14.three, you’re updating the OS that runs your cellphone.

PV: Page Views

Page views is a tally of what number of guests have landed on a given internet web page. Overall web page views stats typically tracked alongside distinctive web page views.

RSS: Rich Site Summary

RSS, typically generally known as Really Simple Syndication, is a format for syndicating internet content material. (That means content material from one web site is made accessible for an additional web site.) Podcasts, blogs, and publishers depend on RSS feeds to share their content material with a large viewers.

Resource: Check out the Hootsuite Syndicator.

Saas: Software As A Service

Software as a service refers to cloud-based functions which can be accessible to prospects over the Internet. It’s typically often known as “on-demand software” or software program plus companies.” Examples embody electronic mail and calendar apps, and Hootsuite.

SOV: Share Of Voice

Share of voice measures the quantity of publicity an organization owns in comparison with its opponents. Social share of voice, however, measures model publicity primarily based on social dialog about an organization.

UI: User Interface

The visible half of a system that’s been designed for finish customers. Basically, it’s the place people and machines meet.

URL: Uniform Resource Locator

A URL is the worldwide internet tackle of an internet site or web page.

UV: Unique Views

Unique views is the quantity of particular person viewers of a web page, video, or picture. For instance, if a single person reads a narrative on an internet site 10 occasions, it should register as 10 web page views and one distinctive view.

UX: User Experience

In digital design, person expertise examines how successfully folks interface with techniques reminiscent of web sites or functions. Good UX goals to know customers’ values, wants, skills, and obstacles.

VPN: Virtual Private Network

A non-public community that offers the person anonymity when utilizing the web by providing an encrypted connection, versus being on a public community. A VPN is likely to be used to guard the person from hackers or spy ware.

Gen-Z social media acronyms

Being capable of join with Gen Zers on social media issues. This technology has a spending energy of over $143 billion within the USA, worth individualism, and put their cash the place their values are. So, how do you market to them?

Sometimes, to do this, you’ve acquired to talk their language. Here are the social media abbreviations Gen Z is utilizing proper now.

social media acronyms

411: Information

If you’ve acquired the 411, you recognize what’s up.

AF: As F–––

An addition for emphasis, i.e. I’m hungry AF.

AFK: Away From Keyboard

Used to let others know there is likely to be a bit of a delay in replying to their message as a result of, effectively, you aren’t at your keyboard proper now or are at present offline.

BAE: Before Anyone Else

Affectionate time period for somebody’s boyfriend, girlfriend, or crush.

BC: Because

‘Cause BC is simply simpler.

BFF: Best Friends Forever

An acronym that exhibits somebody is a very, actually shut pal. Like, one of the best.

FFS: For F–––‘s Sake

Just whole exasperation.

FML: F––– My Life

Often used earlier than or after an unlucky anecdote.

FWIW: For What It’s Worth

A solution to chip in a single’s two cents.

GOAT: Greatest Of All Time

This social media acronym acknowledges the easiest of their subject. Not everybody will get to be a GOAT. For instance, Simone Biles is the gymnastics GOAT.

HMU: Hit Me Up

Call me, get in contact, slide into my DMs, and so forth.

IDK: I Don’t Know

If you don’t know what this implies, IDK how that can assist you.

ILY: I Love You

Sometimes additionally written as ILU. Also acceptable are hearts and blow-kiss emojis.

ISO: In Search Of

Often utilized in boards and teams the place issues are solicited, bought, or exchanged.

JK: Just Kidding

A useful add-on for when the joke’s not apparent.

Putting tales within the Wendy’s app.
jk nobody requested for that.

— Wendy’s (@Wendys) November 18, 2020

JTM: Just the Messenger

Shorthand to point that you just’re not the supply of the information you’re sharing. Often utilized in teams and message boards.

KK: Okay

A approach of saying, “cool” or “all good” or “I got it.” But once you kind KK, you’re displaying that you just’re chill about that call. You’re informal.

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

Because we are able to’t hear your laughter on the Internet.

LMAO: Laughing My A–– Off

For when laughing usually doesn’t lower it. Or when one thing is admittedly humorous.

MRW: My Reaction When

A social media acronym that’s most frequently paired with a picture or GIF to point out the way you’re feeling about one thing.

Kids March GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

NVM: Nevermind

Just, neglect about it.

NYT: Name Your Trade

Used in teams and boards the place exchanges are made. Has misled many to imagine The New York Times is in very excessive demand.

Obvs: Obviously

Obvs goes with out saying.

OH: Overheard

Precedes a direct quote or paraphrase picked up from eavesdropping.

OMG: Oh My God

Or “Oh My Goodness” additionally works.

OMW: On My Way

Means somebody is coming IRL.

Pls: Please

Please, sans vowels.

PSA: Public Service Announcement

A solution to broadcast a message thought-about precious to most people.

You requested for a #PSA concerning the overuse of high-beam headlights.

Ask and obtain; Enjoy!#StreetSafety

— Cst. Marc Taraso (@CstTaraso9345) December 6, 2020

RN: Right Now

An actual-time temper, i.e. “So hungry RN.” You may also ask somebody WYD RN? (Translation: What are you doing proper now?)

ROFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing

A full diploma above LMAO.

SRSLY: Seriously

For severe incredulity.

TIL: Today I Learned

An opening for sharing a brand new bit of information, derived from a Reddit discussion board of the identical title.

TIL: The critters mostly known as daddy longlegs spiders usually are not spiders. They are Opiliones and often known as harvestmen. They are additionally arachnids, however are extra intently associated to scorpions . Hence, they don’t produce venom or silk and don’t have fangs both,and are fully innocent from todayilearned

TMI: Too Much Information

Used earlier than offering an excessive amount of data (i.e. “this may be TMI, but…”). Or to inform somebody they’ve: “That’s gross! TMI!”

TTKU: Try To Keep Up

Often utilized in a sassy solution to name somebody out once they’re not fairly quick sufficient to know a joke or a reality.

TY: Thank You

Or thx.

WBU: What About You

“I’m doing great, WBU?”

WDYM: What Do You Mean

An abbreviation to point out you don’t completely get what’s happening proper now. You want somebody to make clear for you.

WTF: What The F–––

Seriously, WTF.

YOLO: You Only Live Once

Only a couple of years in the past, YOLO was used lots to point out that you just’re dwelling your greatest life. Now, in true Gen Z type, it’s principally utilized in an ironic approach.

YW: You’re Welcome

Don’t point out it, utilizing solely as many letters as crucial.

The social media managers on the market know that social media acronyms is mainly one other language. (Especially once you add in all these social media definitions that you must know too!)

But it isn’t one which’s exhausting to grasp. In reality, you possibly can take into account this record your English-to-social media abbreviation cheat sheet. Bookmarked alongside our Social Media Dictionary, you’ll be fluent very quickly.

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