Interview with RUNative’s Head of Business Operations

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We’ve accustomed you to being handled with the most recent information of the trade and being stored within the loop.

Thus, to maintain issues sizzling and going, we’ve interviewed Paul, Head of Business Operations at RUNative, one the latest self-serve advert networks, so you realize why these guys are doing an amazing job of their discipline.

Let’s get began!

Introduce your self

“Hello everybody, I’m Paul, and I work as Head of Business Operations at RUNative. I’ve been in the industry for a few years now and I want to share with you my experience of how it is like to work on the Ad Network side.”

For those that don’t know RUNative, are you able to give us some perception?

“RUNative is a premium Ad Network working with Native, Push and Banner formats. We have Worldwide traffic that you can buy on CPC and/or CPM price models. Thanks to our in-house engineered technology, we are delivering over a billion ad impressions every day, from our offices in Barcelona, Spain, and Limassol, Cyprus.”

You’ve began as a Native advert community. What made you guys combine extra advert codecs?

“Native was our first and main goal for about a year, as we knew this format will be around for a very long time, given the fact that Google loves it! But then we realized that Push and Banner formats would be easy to integrate, and since our Publishers / Advertisers were interested in these, we thought why not? So we added two more ad formats.”

What are the verticals that you just guys see having essentially the most affect?

“We do accept a lot of different verticals (as long as our publishers agree, of course), but Gaming, Dating, and Sweepstake are definitely killing it on our network. Those are a must-try if you want to start working with us!”

Any ideas you wish to share when selling these verticals on RUNative?

“It’s always good to start a test with a RON campaign. Later on when you start knowing our publishers and the kind of traffic that they have you will be able to adapt your strategy according to your target, more or less aggressive, using prelanders or not, etc.”

What about GEOs? Any ideas as nicely?

“RUNative is operating Worldwide on each of our 3 formats. But our top GEOs are definitely English Speaking countries, Western Europe and Asian countries.”

How strict you’re concerning creatives?

“We are a Mainstream Ad Network, we therefore don’t accept any nudity or Adult content on native and on Banners. On Push we can accept some adult creatives. But as explained before, our Publishers can be more or less strict on compliance, and that will allow you to sometimes use sexier creatives, which are always converting better!”

What are the necessities to get an AM? With what can they assist your customers?

“When you sign up to RUNative, you will automatically have an AM assigned to you – we take into consideration every account! Our team will always be responsive and help you to launch successful campaigns or monetize your websites as much as possible.”

How do you deal with bot circumstances?


“Bots were and will always be a problem in the Affiliate Marketing world, this is why we developed an internal solution to get rid of it as much as possible, and we also have third party detection tools.We have a dedicated team looking into each and every publisher on a daily basis, so bots are not a usual thing on our network! We also run our own offers on the network, so if it does not convert for us, it won’t for our advertisers and we use this to exclude low-quality sources.”

What are your predominant benefits over different Ad Networks?

“I would say that our main advantage is to be a 100% transparent network – we don’t hide our publishers behind strange IDs. Why? Because we know that our Publishers are happy with us, and we want Advertisers to be sure of where their ads are displayed. Also, our AM team is always available to help you out – it’s always our pleasure to give you the best tips to start running profitable campaigns on RUNative!”

Do you’ve got tutorials on the right way to use your platform? To assist Advertisers to study it?

“Yes, we have a large knowledge base available for all our users where they can find everything from the very basic registration guidelines, to step-by-step manuals for starting with each ad format. In this section, they can find detailed instructions about how to use every part of our settings options, optimization tips, troubleshooting instructions, best practices articles, and most frequently asked questions. In addition to this, all Mobidea readers can also access the full RUNative review here in Mobidea Academy.”

Any future plans you may wish to share?

“The next big feature that we will deploy on the platform is an auto-bidder. Like most of our features, it will be developed in-house and will hopefully be live any time soon!”

What a couple of promo code for our readers?

“We have an amazing enroll bonus, solely for Mobidea customers. Create an account on RUNative, utilizing the promo code #Mobidea10, and get an additional 10% in your first deposit (as much as $1000). This promotion is legitimate till the top of September 2020.”